This Memorial Day we know there is only one thing on the forefront of your mind. Not barbeques, not pools or beaches or backyard games. I’m talking about the weight that bears down upon your very soul as our stars and stripes stand proudly at attention over this great land we pledge our allegiance to;  how do I jump-start my career in music this summer?

I’m glad you asked. Let the experienced, knowledgeable, and innovative staff at Nashville Music Group help with that.

New to town? In addition to our own Performance Series, NMG has connections to all of the prominent open mic and songwriter venues music city has to offer. Have that great song that just never got off the ground? Our writers, musicians, vocalists, and producers are at your disposal to foster those ideas into a tangible, pitch ready, product.

“But I’ve already got songs ready to go?” You then my friend are in need of current, quality, competitive demos that can hold their own in vying for that coveted cut. Whether you are a songwriter, an artist, or a band, NMG’s cutting edge award winning production and dedicated recording studio can get those tracks sounding worthy of a record man’s desk, rather than their receptionist’s trash can.

From greenhorn to hit maker Nashville Music Group has got your back. Just like the U.S. troops have ours.  So this Memorial Day, before we fire up the grill, pop that first cold one, or pen that next great song – Let’s send a resounding Thank You to all of the intrepid men and women who have laid down their lives that we may be free to make this music we love.