We at the Nashville Music Group want to thank the Nashville Firefighters for their efforts last night containing the fire at our office building on Music Row. The Firefighters tried their best to salvage whatever they could for the business owners that could do nothing but watch, We are very thankful for their speed and teamwork that kept the fire from spreading to buildings next to it not more than ten feet away. We are sad to say we lost everything material but there were no fatalities.

The (as we locals new it as) Bill Anderson building at 19 Music Square West was home to many businesses that also suffered great losses. The iconic Bill Anderson Barn built in the late 1800s was also home to many memories made and wonderful songs written and we are truly saddened that the building will not be able to be restored and yet another Music Row Memory has gone down in flames. So much of the history of Music Row is housed in these precious old buildings and so many of them have been or still being torn down in the name of progress. It is a loss to the Nashville community that our generations after us will not know the rich history of these buildings that made Country Music famous.

Nashville Music Group will pick up the pieces and move on to another address like the rest of the tenants of 19 Music Square West but this was a big loss not only for the business owners, but for Nashville.