Brandon Wheeler

Ambitious, captivating, and motivated… are just a few words used to describe Brandon Wheeler, a new up and coming artist to the country music scene. Born in South Georgia on February 1, 1985, Brandon’s love for music came at a very early age. His earliest exposure to music came in church, where he sang with his mother. As he grew up, he listened to many genres of music, however there was something about country music . As he listened to some of his early influences such as George Strait, Alan Jackson, and Garth Brooks just to name a few, Brandon’s dream of one day being recognized in the music industry soon began to grow. Brandon taught himself how to play the guitar so he could entertain people as he dreamed of doing.
With the help of a good friend, Brandon began playing acoustically at small venues and getting the exposure he needed in order to achieve his dream. Whether he was sitting around a campfire or playing on stage, people were able to see and hear his love for music the moment the first note was played. The more he played, he began to develop concepts for several songs. Songs that described everyday issues in life, from hunting in the outdoors to finding or losing the love of your life. Writing songs for other artists was not an option, Brandon was determined to perform his original songs for his fans. In January of 2013, he recorded his first album produced by Nashville Music Group® producer and five time Grammy nominee, Denny Knight. The album is set to be released in the spring of 2013 and contains five of Brandon’s original songs as well as others.