Performance Series – March 3rd

Nashville Music Group Presents:


Hosted By: Nashville Music Group

Come join us on Thursday  – March 3rd – 8 p.m.

@ Douglas Corner Cafe – Nashville, TN

$5.00 Cover – Doors open at 7:30 p.m.

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The Performance_Series

Nashville Music Group Artists and Special Guests: 

The stars have aligned. We bring to you the most tantalizing triumvirate of talent this side of Ahab, Starbuck, and Stubb. This is definitely the show you want to attend. Join us Thursday, March 3 at the legendary Douglas Corner Cafe for Nashville Music Group: The Performance Series.

Todd Pasick

If you have been to a Nashville Music Group show before than I don’t need to reiterate praise for the dulcet tones of Todd Pasick. Incredible vocals, creative lyrics, and a furtive charm to give Clooney a run for his money. We know all that. But what you may not know is besides being a top notch talent Todd has lended himself, and his story, to inspiring others. After growing up without his right hand Todd now spends his time visiting schools and educating students on how to live with, live around, and live past adversity. And after teaching himself guitar, keyboard, and designing his own custom sports prosthesis he is well qualified for such a mission. Todd has also authored a children’s book due out later this year.

Todd PasickPhoto By: Denise Fussell


Rose Knight

Have you ever heard of a Rose that blooms at Knight? Blasphemy! Nay, I say. I’ve seen it with these own eyes. And heard it! Ladies and gentlemen we are proud once again to bring you Rose Knight. Lighting up the stage with her signature pop-a-billy sound Rose’s mere presence dares you to not be entertained. I’ve written a lot lauding the talent and funability (yes, I just made that word up) of Rose Knight, but you really have to come and experience a live performance. I mean, only if you want to change your life. It’s totally up to you.

Rose_KnightPhoto By: Denise Fussell

Brandon Wheeler

What, that’s not good enough? You want more you say? “The show is a whole $5, after all.”  Well, I hope you haven’t forgotten about country music because we reached deep into Georgia and pulled up Brandon Wheeler. Brandon and his band have been putting in work touring the southeast in preparation for a sophomore record. These ain’t no run of the mill bar band. These guys are tight, high energy country.  And Brandon’s voice? Let’s just say you might want to keep an eye on your girlfriend. Visit BrandonWheelerMusic for schedule and booking.
We thank you all for the support thus far in 2016. See you all there!

Your MC For The Evening: Reckless Johnny Wales

Reckless_Johnny_WalesPhoto By: Denise Fussell

SEE YOU AT THE SHOW…doors open @ 7:30pm