58 November

58 November is a story about the first fatal aircraft hijacking in America.
Fifty-eight November (58 November) documents how crazed hijacker‚ George Giffe Jr. and accomplice‚ Bobby Wayne Wallace took a commercial aircraft and three hostages from a Nashville airport in the fall of 1971‚ and how an unprepared Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) responded with reckless‚ cavalier tactics that resulted in two innocent deaths.
The film also follows the passionate journey of Janie Downs‚ the widow of victim and pilot Brent Downs and mother of two young boys‚ as she instigates a lawsuit against the FBI and is then faced with unparalleled obstacles: strong resistance from J. Edgar Hoover’s adolescent organization‚ judicial bias from a former FBI agent turned federal judge now presiding over the case, and the picking up of the pieces of a life inexorably altered by the loss of her husband. The bizarre string of events results in the first ever lawsuit against the FBI to be ruled in favor of a US citizen.
Featuring interviews with Attorney‚ Senator‚ and actor‚ Fred Thompson‚ John Seigenthaler‚ Attorney Jim Neal‚ Judge Gilbert Merritt Jr.‚ Janie Downs‚ Produced by: Andy Downs Directed by: Anne Cates.
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