The Performance Series Is Just Getting Started


Much Like Summer, The Performance Series Is Just Getting Started

A verdant green has returned to music city. Days are longer and waves of tourists are soon to flood our fair streets. Things are heating up; the air, the grill and The Performance Series.

Last week’s show began the only way a Nashville Music Group show should ever start; with the only asian I know that could “Break Redneck” in a New York minute (stop and take that sentence in for a moment), the ever lilting Rose Knight, accompanied by Mark Allen, Denny Knight and John Rodrigue

Our mistress of melody remained on stage as the other half of a duet as well as back up vocals for Darryl Miller. With one of the fastest growing fan bases at NMG Darryl was lauded by MC and industry veteran Reckless Johnny Wales who claimed, “this is the kind of guy I came to Nashville to see.”

We were very pleased to host singer/songwriter Philip Russell, who gave us a few originals before being joined on stage by son, David Russell.  He earned the room with young alternative punk style and precocious lyrics. Jenna Russell would be next in the spotlight demanding the crowd’s respect with an exclusive original version of Loretta Lynn’s classic, “Miss Being Mrs.”

“If ya’ll are getting tired, we’re ‘bout to wake ya’ll up.” That was the opening line from Brandon Wheeler before exploding on stage. The Brandon Wheeler Band has been rocking the southeast as of late and it shows. The band is tighter than ever. Vocals are on point. The music seems to flow as easy as breathing to these boys from Georgia. Whether it is camo’d up hunting for “Ol’ Biggun”, or armed with a guitar and a mic, one thing’s for sure, Brandon Wheeler is killin’ it.

Face it, you can go anywhere in Nashville to hear the same old songs or sit through insufferable writer’s rounds looking for worthy new music, but why do that. Let Nashville Music Group do the work for you. Continue to show your support each first Thursday at Douglas Corner Cafe and we promise to continue to provide you with only the best music city has to offer at The Performance Series.

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