July Performance Series

Thanks to everyone who kicked off their Independence Day weekend with us last Thursday at the July edition of The Performance Series. At Nashville Music Group the term independent means something extra. It means being able to provide the public with an original product unfettered by the shackles of corporate influence. And the way we do so is by support from fans.

This month the night started with back to back …to back NMG essentials. Todd Pasick, followed by Rose Knight and Darryl Miller. The aptitude of all three of these venerable performing songwriters as stand alone artists and collaborative partners exemplifies the diverse spirit of NMG.

Todd debuted a new song while switching from guitar to keyboards mid-set. Did I mention he does all that with one arm? (keep checking thenashvillemusicgroup.com for more on Todd’s inspiring story coming soon.) Rose graced the stage with Darryl next. One may not think their distinct styles would blend, one would be horribly mistaken. Like peanut butter and chocolate, pretzel and chocolate, espresso and chocolate, you get picture. Point is, their mash-up works…and everything goes with chocolate.

Speaking of perfect harmony; Texarkana took to the spotlight blowing the crowd away, per usual, with their prominent vocals, adept musicianship, and unique songwriting. And, no Performance Series would be complete without the master of ceremonies himself, Reckless Johnny Wales. Our intrepid host treated us to a few of his own originals adding to the eclecticism.

Keeping with the theme of diversity and originality, we have Mystic Brigade.  Back by popular demand this mixture of country, rap and pop can only be described as one thing. Hipopabilly. This miscreant congregation of quixotic quandary consists of Rose Knight, Mark Allen, Chris Love and Denny Knight. A big Thanks goes out to John Rodrigue for sitting in on percussion.

Closing the evening out was Life In The Front Seat. Harkening back to a time when hip-hop was fun and poignant these young men could hold their own with the prose, pun intended. Positive lyrics spun with proficient rhymes over fun beats got the audience on their feet. A perfect end to the show while getting everyone hype for the holiday weekend.

Nashville Music Group set out to hit the grind hard in 2015 and, halfway through, shows no sign of slowing down. In fact, we are adding more shows and writer’s nights all the time so spread the word! Be a part of the revolution by supporting local and independent music.