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There Must Be Something In The Whiskey

There must be something in the whiskey because there is a new trend in country music. No, it’s not skinny jeans, sparkly t-shirts or the return of the sweet 90’s mullet. It’s divorce. Country music as a genre is no stranger to the break-up. It could be argued that heartache
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Show Me The Money

A few weeks ago Nielsen released its mid-year report. Streams up, sales down. On-demand music streaming saw a growth of 92%.  While online album sales remained stagnant (only -.1%), digital track sales fell 10.4% and in store purchases dropped 10%. So, what does this mean for fans and artists? Well,
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Authentic: of undisputed origin; genuine

Authenticity in music. Let’s talk about it. There’s always a lot of prattle about “selling out”, “going pop”, “crossing over”. Let’s not forget that every worn out premise and hackneyed sound was once the hot new thing. Fans can tell when an artist or band believes in their product or
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July Performance Series

Thanks to everyone who kicked off their Independence Day weekend with us last Thursday at the July edition of The Performance Series. At Nashville Music Group the term independent means something extra. It means being able to provide the public with an original product unfettered by the shackles of corporate
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